Here’s what you can expect when we work one on one Together:

  • Effectively respond to any life challenge
  • How to Create your own Reality
  • Optimize your current plan for greater results
  • Understand the connection between thought and reality
  • Transition to a life with dependable results based on principle
  • In my One-on-One  Mentoring, we will meet on the phone at a mutually agreed upon day and time. The package includes 6 half-hour sessions.
  • From this information, I design a personalized 6-week program to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Scheduling Your Session

Once you make the investment you will receive a email from me. Please reply to that email to let me know what times are good for our call

You are welcome to invest in more than one Coaching Package if you require additional time, or ongoing mentoring.

Please note there are no refunds after your coaching session is complete.

Once we know what you want, we will design a Blueprint for that goal into a clear, actionable 4-week plan. During our sessions, we discuss the plan and the next step required to move forward.

I often give specific assignments to complete between sessions. All work is designed to move you from where you are to your intended goal at the conclusion of our 4 weeks together

We will record your sessions and I will provide you with an MP3 file which you can download and carry with you on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

I am available to help you with any aspect of personal and business development. More vitally than that, I work with you to develop a more practical approach to your life and the challenges you face.



Issachar Bey is Available for:

  • Leadership Teaching
  • Lectures
  • Greek Sponsored Lecture
  • Commencements/Graduations
  • College
  • Churches
  • Spiritual Centers
  • Keynotes
  • Workshops
  • Multiple –Day Training
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Public seminars
  • Banquets

5 Reasons Conference Planners ,Meeting Planners, and Spiritual Centers Love booking Issachar……

  1. Experienced Speaker ( Makes Your Job Easier) Speaking every week to People from all walks of Life at The Temple of Enlightenment has allotted Issachar the skillset to give Life Changing Lectures.
  2. Your Audience will never be the same. They will leave ready to Achieve Extraordinary Results.
  3. Issachar’s commitment is to deliver a High Content Message with Energy, Passion and Enthusiasm to make a significant difference in the lives of YOUR AUDIENCE MEMBERS!
  4. Your Audience will be Challenged to Exceed their Potential, Inspired to Overcome Adversity and Rejection, and Committed to Teamwork.
  5. You Get 100 Free Books A Great Gift for Your Audience! ($ 1,500 value)